The Ideal Marriage HTML

The Ideal Marriage

When you are alone for days or weeks at a time, you eventually become drawn to people. Talking to randos is the norm.…

Reliving The First Jnana Yagna – Part 2

The story of how Pujya Gurudev successfully conducted the first Jnana Yajna, a 100-day event that transformed the lives…

Let Us Be Hindus

Swami Chinmayananda on 23rd December 1951 delivered a talk in Pune, just days before the launch of the 1st Jnana Yagna.…

Reliving The First Jnana Yagna – Part 1

It was December 1951. A young Swami Chinmayananda was ready to launch the first Jnana Yagna, the forerunner of many…


Story Behind The First Jnana Yajna

The fascinating effort of a young Swami Chinmayananda, to launch the Jnana Yajna program, with the help of a young…

Love For Mother


Love For Mother


Universal Prayer by Sri Swami Chinmayanada

May all at all times be fully aware of Thy presence in East and West, North and South!

Cover Photos of the Chief Priest

Photos of Sri Swami Chinmayananda from the covers of Yagna Prasad during the 1st Gyana Yagna in Pune.

Running out of funds

If and when we are blessed by the voluntary cooperation of any LAKSHMINARAYAN, we shall at once resume our publication.…

Golden chance – A souvenir volume of all the Yagna Prasads so far is being got ready

This volume is sent with Sree Swamiji Maharaj’s autograph to those persons who will first reach us with a love offering…