C/O K. Venkataswami Naidu

Sree P. Bhaskara Menon

Blessed Immortal Self
Om Namo Narayanaya!
Om Sree Murugaua Namaha!

After a very successful Yagna in Madras we left the City for Coimbatore on 28th and reached here on 29th at 8 AM. At 11 AM Mother was consulted and she was immediately operated upon. Both her eyes could have been together done – but she was too nervous. I was all along with her in the operation theatre. The operation was a 3 mts. affair: the “Crystal” was removed and the eye bandaged. She is steadily improving. No pain and the eye is very healthily progressing.

She is in the hospital in a special ward. Annithi Chechi is with her. I go there morning and evening. Her food also goes from here. Everything OK.

I hope she will be able to come out by the 6th or 7th. If by the 5th you can send somebody from there it will be nice – who can accompany her to Ekm. I may not get time – as I have to go to Madras; and then to Delhi. If there is none – don’t worry. I can arrange here. Balasundaram or somebody who knows her. Sree Venkataswami can arrange it all. That is the best: don’t worry. Need not send anybody – everything will be arranged. By 10th she will be there. My pen was only loosely thinking all through this para.

With Prem and Om