Swami Chinmayananda writes to his cousin Bhaskara Menon on January 2nd 1952

2nd January 1952


Chittoor Road, Eranakulam (U.S.T.C). SI Rly

Beloved Mortal Self

Om Namo Narayanaya,

Om Sree Shanumugaya Namaha.

Thy kind letter of 27th. The hesitant words of doubt in the Swami’s letter from Bombay was due to the fact that unlike the last year All India Tour this Yagna is not the work of a single dynamic individual. This huge undertaking needs the support of a organised team of workers. Poona is comparatively town to the stranger from Utterakasi. Hence the doubts expressed from Bombay.

Even on the 23rd when Chinmaya reached the City things were dark enough to despair the ordinary. From 23rd onwards we had some 3 or 4 public meetings in which in Lord’s Kripa a general enthusiasm has come up.

On 31st Dec as contemplated the Yagna was launched in but of course without the Havan. In Gnana Yagna Havan is of minor importance. Even today there is not as much funds collected as we expected. But to one who is working in His sewa funds and their collections should not and need not be a heavy botheration.

The evening discourse and the morning classes are going on smoothly and to the full satisfaction of the Swami. Although the attendances in the Sat Sang are sufficiently strong, to the unsatiable missionary zeal Chinmaya feels dissatisfied. And this dissatisfaction shall be ever in this bosom until the last living human being also reaches us to listen to Vedanta and act up to it.

Just now received Rupees 50/ – (fifty) sent by Sreemati Leela K.Menon thro’ you.

The first booklet containing various public lectures given and a few of the preliminary talks given during the first couple of days of the Yagna is already in the press.

Be firmly established in Sadhana. To early Sadaks it is a natural question that comes to their minds, “How long should we do Sadhana”.

The answer is simple. One does Sadhana until such time that he comes to feel that he is not doing any more Sadhana. The very Sadhana becomes the routine of his daily living. In short we continue Sadhana until we live Sadhana. With Prem and Pranams.

Thy Own Self.
(Signed) Swami Chinmayananda