Sri Naidu recalls the day of the very 1st Yagna.

A must-see interview with someone who attended the very first Yagna from day one.

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He came to our house again, this time for a train ticket.

Smt. Laxmi Reddy narrates how Gurudev visited her house just prior to the 1st Yagna.

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This booklet was with Swami Tapovanam for some years

Gurudev mailed the first Yagna Prasad to Swami Tapovanam, with the words “Thy knowledge broadcasted through thy own Voice-box” handwritten on it.

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A permanent microphone is now setup, to ease the strain on Swamiji

We are confident to declare that never before was the Sri Harihara Bhajana Samajam precinct so gloriously full with Satsangies. The crowd has been growing so large that we are now compelled to fix a microphone permanently to ease the strain on Shree Swamiji Maharaj.

Due to growing crowds Swamiji drops the orthodox way

Due to the large crowds, Sree Swamiji is compelled to drop the old orthodox way of Upanishad study, and to give more general discussions in the morning classes also. These introductory talks are till today used as introduction in the Kenopanishad text book of Chinmaya Mission.

Guru Aarthi to be started

From today, as per the wish of Sree Swamiji, after the daily meditation, we will have an Arathi performed to the Gurus.

Unprecedented in the annals of Indian History

Swami Sivananda said, of the Upanishad Yagna, lectures and immediate reproduction it in print.

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I am using a black-board and chalk today

Swamiji by drawing a beautiful diagram explains how we ‘seemingly’ fall from the Supreme Reality to the present state and how we can come out of this delusion.

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Arudha Pooja – Performed during the 1st Gyana Yagna

The pulpit where from Sree Swami Chinmayandaji has been distributing the Ambrosia of Upanishads during the past 50 days, not only to the public of Poona but to the entire devotee-class of the world, has been sanctified with an Arudha Pooja (Worship of the Seat of Delivery) on Feb 18th. 1952.

Akhanda light was lit at Brahmamuhurtha, 4.30 AM

An Akhanda Light was lit on the 19th Feb. 1952 at Brahmamuhurtha, 4:30 A.M.; and it is proposed to maintain it burning all the time by the devotees who visit the Meditation Sanctorum.

Oil for the Akhanda light

A vessel is kept in the sanctorum. Bhaktas are to contribute one chattak of oil each time they visit the sanitorium, more than a chhatak will not be accepted at a time. Swamiji Maharaj has planned it so in order to ensure that the devotees, who can and are anxious to contribute more of oil, do visit the sanctorum more often, during the 50-days Akhand Mahamantra Kirtan.

Akhanda Kirtan – Guess who would chant past midnight?

24 hours non-stop chanting of the Mahamantra has been started by devotees taking turns by the hour. Past midnight, when no one was available, Swamiji himself would chant.

Common meditation class

Some 400 to 500 persons daily assemble in the Yagna Sala and they in breathless silence sit in meditation.

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Ganga Kalasa Pooja

Two brass pots of holy Ganges water from Haridwar have arrived. They are being installed in the Yagna Sala. At the conclusion of the 100 days Yagna, this prasad will be distributed by Swamiji to the devotees on April 8th 1952.

Upanishad Homa

As per the wishes of our Chief Priest (Gurudev), we have decided to perform a 7 day Upanishad Homa from March 31 – April 6th (Sunday) when five Maharashtrian pundits would be doing one Ahuuti each of all the Mantras in Kena and Katopanishads.

A city-wide procession

The Akhanda Kirtan that has been going on unbroken, will terminate on April 6th where it will be sung in a city-wide procession of a caravan of trucks and cars with devotees chanting the Maha Mantra.

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Swamiji falls ill

On Mahashivarathri day Sri Swamiji Maharaj fell ill and it was diagnosed as Para Typhoid. Sri Swamiji Maharaj cheerfully went through the term of the fever and revived soon. The discourses had to be suspended from February 23 to March 10.

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The volume of correspondence that Sree Swamiji has been receiving

is so heavy that if he were to reply to them all immediately, no other constructive work would be possible. Sree Swamiji informs all his devotees how to clear their doubts...

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Golden chance – A souvenir volume of all the Yagna Prasads so far is being got ready

This volume is sent with Sree Swamiji Maharaj’s autograph to those persons who will first reach us with a love offering of Rs. 10 in the Sewa of the Upanishad Rishies.

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Running out of funds

If and when we are blessed by the voluntary cooperation of any LAKSHMINARAYAN, we shall at once resume our publication. So, till then goodbye. The committee shall be contacting you the moment they can again discover enough Ishwar Kripa to serve you all.

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Cover Photos of the Chief Priest

Photos of Sri Swami Chinmayananda from the covers of Yagna Prasad during the 1st Gyana Yagna in Pune.

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Universal Prayer by Sri Swami Chinmayanada

May all at all times be fully aware of Thy presence in East and West, North and South!

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