A city-wide procession

The Akhand Kirtan: The Akhanda Maha Mantra Kirtan that has been going on unbroken round the clock from the day of its inception by Sri, Swami Chinmayanandaji on the 50th Day of the Yagna, will also terminate on April 6. It is now programmed that on Sunday, the 6th April from 3 p.m. to 6-45 p.m. there shall be an all-round the city procession of a caravan of trucks and cars equipped with loudspeakers, etc. The devotees riding in them would be chanting the Maha Mantra and the procession shall stop at every road junction and proceed in creeping pace through the thickly populated parts of the City bathing this land of Thukaram with the thundering songs of the Lord’s Name, The procession is to terminate in the Yagnasala where under the guidance of the Chief Priest it will come to a close at 7 p.m. in a long silent meditation followed by Shanti Path.

Sri Naidu recollects how Gurudev used the parade to bring about unity

Sri Naidu: In 1951, soon after India’s independence, the Hindu-Muslim divide was there. So Gurudev organized a procession through Pune city to bring about unity among the Indians. The procession started from the temple, moved to Apollo Talkies, and then proceeded to the Cantonment area, which was populated with Anglo-Indian and Christian families, and then wound through the Muslim area of Bhavani Peth to end again at the Rastha Peth temple. I was also a part of that procession.