Common Meditation Classes

The 500 and more devotees who are daily visiting the Yagna Sala, at the completion of the daily evening discourse, are being initiated into the technique of Meditation at the Yagna Sala, by our Chief Priest. For this purpose an electrically lit ॐ has been installed in the Yagna Sala. The silence that pervades the atmosphere of the Yagna Sala during community meditation can be really seen and felt. All devotees in all parts of the Globe are requested to turn towards Poona between 8 and 9 p.m. ( I. S. P. ) every day and to meditate for Universal Peace. Undoubtedly, the music of the hearts will be heard and enjoyed as multum in parbo-One in many and many in the One. In that velveteen hush we are feeling transported into an Unknown World of true and divine peace.

Glory !! Glory to Sree Chinmayananda, our Guide and Light !

Some 400 to 500 people sit in breathless silence...

The Bramhavali Jnanavali stanzas which Sree Swamiji Maharaj has selected for repeating during the Common Meditations we are daily having at his feet in the Yagna Sala at the close of each day’s evening discourses. This is indeed one of the greatest spiritual experiment which any great Master has ever tried in the recent times. Some 400,500 persons daily assemble in the Yagna Sala and they in breathless silence sit in meditation. The sitting starts with long chantings of OM and then as the assembly settles down into the silence sweet, Sree Swamiji Maharaj starts his divine “injections” with the Bramhavalis !!