Swami Abhedananda writes to Sri. S. Seshadri on March 1st 1952

Sri Ramana Kutir


1st. March.1952

Swami Abhedananda

Sri. S. Seshadri,

Blessed Self,

I must thank you for your kindly sending me copies of “Yagna Prasad” Nos 3, 4 and 5. I have not received Nos 1 & 2. I request you to kindly send me a copy of each.

You are indeed, blessed to have Sri Swami Chinmayanandaji in your midst. It is the Chinmaya in you that makes Chinmaya shine marvelously glorious. Poona has become sacred for it has given birth to a Vivekananda in the garb of Chinmayaji to proclaim to the world the truth of Vedanta. Truth is nameless and formless. If it does not appear adopting the name and form of Chinmaya, how could the world realize it.

Ever your own Self