Swami Sivananda writes to Swami Chinmayananda on February 19th 1952


Rishikesh, 19th Feb.1952.

Sri. Swami Chinmayananda,

P        O       O       N      A

Glorious Atman,

Om Namo Bagavathe Vasudevaya.

Thy kind letter. Glad to note that you are proceeding courageously in the midst of unpleasant activities. I wish you success in your endeavor.

Make truth your rosary, honesty your staff, desirelessness your deer skin, dispassion your Kamandalu and discrimination your holy ash.

Have perseverance your raft, name of the Lord your boat and cross this formidable Ocean of protests fearlessly.

Herewith Prasad. May God give you sufficient strength to march on your way.

With Regards, Prem and OM

Thy Own Self,

Signed Sivananda.