Gurudev’s letter to devotees saying there are no more funds left to print the Yagna Prasads.

276 Rastha Peth

Poona, 2.

Children of Light,


Salutations and prostrations to the Immortal Saints and Sages of the Upanishads! May they ever bless us with more and more ampler chances of serving them!!  The Divine satisfaction that this Sevak feels at having fulfilled his mission so far, to the best of his ability, is a reward too high for the actual turnover of the work.  His thanks are indeed due to him who lives in His manifestation as you all.

With this Number of the YAGNA PRASAD we are completing our study of KENOPANISHAD.  At the Yagna Sala we are progressing industriously forward and have reached almost the end of the first Valli in KATHOPANISHAD.

For the time being the Poona Committee will not be in a position to undertake any more expenditure on publishing the Prasads which are to report the discourses on Kathopanishad Mantras.  If and when, during these Yagna days, we are blessed by the voluntary cooperation of any LAKSHMINARAYAN, we shall at once resume ourpublications.

So, till then good-bye.  The committee shall be contacting you the moment they can again discover enough Ishwar Kripa to serve you all.

With hopes of getting more and more chances to serve you all, and with prem and pranam.

Thy Own Self,