Swami Tapovanji writes to Swami Chinmayananda on February 22nd 1952


February 22nd 1952

Dear Shri Swami Chinmayanandaji,

Om Namo Narayana.

I am in due receipt of all letters and booklets.

Glad to know from the Editor that you are successfully conducting the Gyana-Yagna. To a modern mind success means a big attendance of hearers. But that is not a real success. Success of such Upanishad discourses depends upon the number of aspirants who are prepared to follow and practice the Gyana Yoga. This is a kind of Sravana (hearing) which is now being conducted there. Sravana leads an aspirant to self-realisation.

If it does not do so, then it cannot be called a success at all.

Lectures are all good and clear and highly useful to a beginner in Gnana Yoga. Philosophically also there is no contradiction in your utterances with the great and accredited principles of “Advaita Thought”.

With love and best wishes,

(Signed) Swami Tapovanam