Swami Sivananda writes to Swami Chinmayananda on February 1st 1952

Ananda Kutir post,


February 1st, 1952.

Sree Swami Chinmayanandaji,

Om Namo Narayanaya,

I am in due receipt of all your letters & the third Pamphlet. Kindly send me two copies of your pamphlet in future. The Nightingale has come? Let him sing “Ganga Kinare, He Musafir.”

The Hatayogi will join. Then there will be a complete “Synthetic Yoga”.

Upanishad Yagna, lectures & Pamphlet distribution – immediate reproduction of the lecture – this is a unique feature – unprecedented in the annals of Indian History.

May Lord Bless you all,

With regards prem & OM,

Signed Sivananda.

Let all do Om Japa, Om Kirtan, Om meditation: all Congregations at the end of each function daily.