Jnana Yajna 107

Year & Dates:

August 16, 1962 to September 09, 1962

Yajna Topic:

Shrimad Bhagavad Gita- Chapter 12 & Atmabodh


Vellore, India

With the impressive ramparts of its well-known fort built in 16th century, its Jalakandeshwara Shiva temple and other ancient places of worship, Vellore in Tamil Nadu has a history of courage and devotion. Opening its heart to Pujya Gurudev on His first Jnana Yajna in that town, the welcome address eulogized: “That you have conducted up to now 106 Yagnas so successfully in many parts of the country is a sure indication that your movement is divinely inspired and that the people are receptive to your teaching. With your profound learning, marvelous eloquence, singular powers of elucidation with apt illustrations, you have been able to bring home to the people the eternal truths enshrined in our ancient scriptures. You are at once seer and sage, preceptor and preacher, philosopher and prophet; and, you were impelled by a fiery zeal to make the things of the Spirit assume the primary place in man’s life.”

A Chinmaya Dawn of Devotion

The welcome address echoed the thoughts of those who heeded the call for spiritual revival; mere material progress forsaking a heritage that held the secret to lasting happiness could only be a shortsighted rush. By 1962, the “Chinmaya Era” had begun. Pujya Gurudev’s travels and talks across many forums were increasing rapidly as evident from His  dizzying itinerary. The people of Vellore acknowledged and appreciated Pujya Gurudev’s march forward; in a spiritual vein with a military touch, they declared, “We do require a guide to lead us along the true path of advancement towards the goal of true knowledge and happiness. Your grand idea of establishing a University for the training of dedicated men to the service of the country, to which you have set your hand, is a glorious enterprise; and, the Lord is surely behind it.”

In that 107th Jnana Yajna, Pujya Gurudev established the importance of Self-Knowledge through His discourses on Atma Bodha. He also evoked the purifying power of devotion voicing and explaining the divine verses of chapter 12 – Bhakti Yoga. 

By the 107th Jnana Yajna, Pujya Gurudev had gradually and gracefully inculcated all the nine modes of devotion in His Jnana Yajnas and in the spiritual psyche of Chinmaya Mission. It began with Vedantic Shravanam that awakened the quest in thousands and more across the land. The Akhanda Kirtanam in the yajnas and Smaranam in the expanding Chinmaya Study Groups strengthened the path.Carrying out the mission as worship of His Guru, Pujya Gurudev modeled Pada Sevanam, the spirit of seva. Archanam, the exquisite beauty of worship, melted hearts during the Laksharchanas where He made people recall the joy of Bhakti. The many Guru Dakshina ceremonies with salutations to the Guru Parampara unveiled Vandanam with the heartfelt joy of gratitude. The way Pujya Gurudev called Himself the chief sevak, like the greatest devotee, Sri Hanuman, made seekers understand the importance of Daasyam, the uplifting attitude of servitude. In His Gita Jnana Yajnas, Pujya Gurudev personified Sakhyam, the only lasting friendship with Bhagavan. Finally, dexterously weaving into every mode of devotion, the understanding of the Highest, Pujya Gurudev invoked the joy of Atma Nivedanam, the complete surrender of the finite to the Infinite. Bhakti and Jnana embedded in selfless karma became the divine edict of Chinmaya Mission.

A Meditation Minute:

अनेकजन्मार्जितपुण्यप्राप्तः मया गुरुर्नो जगति प्रसिद्धः । 

यस्य प्रसादेन मनः प्रशान्तं बभूव मे तं शिरसा नमामि ॥१०॥ 

anekajanmārjitapuṇyaprāptaḥ mayā gururno jagati prasiddhaḥ । 

yasya prasādena manaḥ praśāntaṃ babhūva me taṃ śirasā namāmi ॥10॥ 

  1. I found the world-famous Guru due to merits acquired in my previous countless lives (births / life times). I bow down to him by whose grace my mind has attained peace.

We are deeply grateful for the Grace that descended on us in the form of Pujya Gurudev. Seekers and devotees still search their hearts wondering if they have ever deserved the immeasurable blessing of Pujya Gurudev’s Presence in their lives. His Causeless Compassion wherever He went, transforming lives, remains crystallized in Chinmaya Mission.

“Think,” Says Pujya Gurudev 

“Anya” means ‘other’; “Ananya” means ‘without otherness’; Krishna is advising here Ananya Yoga meaning a Yoga in which the goal is ever steady and our mind has no “otherness” about it.

It may be noted here that the mental disintegration can come both because of the otherness in our goal or because of the mind wandering into other channels of pre-occupations. 

Thus those (a) who have renounced all actions in Me (b) who regard Me as the Supreme goal and (c) who with a single-pointed mind and goal strive, are the best of my devotees, when their strife is constituted of meditation (Dhyana) and worship (Upasana). We have already indicated that Upasana is not merely meditation upon a goal but an active becoming one with the goal contemplated upon.

Enumerating thus the conditions necessary for a devotee at his seat of meditation, Krishna assures him that he need not wonder how he will go beyond the shores of sorrow, agitation and imperfections, which are the lot of all mortals. “I shall be their savior” is a divine commandment, a Godly assurance and an infinite guarantee.

From Tyagi Magazine

Light is necessary to see the furniture in the dark room of a house, but to see the very light which illuminates the furniture do we require any other light?

We do not call for the aid of any other light to see the very sun that illuminates all the objects in the world, because the sun itself is illumination complete. To understand, realize and experience the self, the Illuminating light in all our experience, in fact, in all beings at all times, no other “light” is necessary, because this self alone is the Real, and this Self alone lights up the knowledge of the entire creation known and unknown. This Self is the all-awaring Consciousness Absolute.

From Atma Bodha

Cause of Fear!

Just as mistaking a rope for a snake causes fear, identifying oneself as the limited ego breeds endless anxiety. Awakening to the truth of one’s infinite nature dispels all fears and ends the cycle of suffering, leading to a state of fearlessness and peace. Here is an excerpt from Atmabodh talks of Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda