Jnana Yajna 18

Year & Dates:

May 10, 1956 to May 30, 1956

Yajna Topic:

Bhagavad Gita- Chapters 10 & 11



Bengaluru, India.

Everywhere, people were rediscovering that Shrimad Bhagavad Gita was not just a disconnected set of verses tucked away in the epic of Mahabharata. In Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda’s powerful voice, the Bhagavad Gita rang loud and clear. From an obscure scripture into a comprehensive manual of life, He elevated the Gita, equipping every seeker with a redefined outlook. With the first nine chapters of the holy Gita reviewed, it was time for the great Guru to uncover the Cosmic glory and Bhagavan’s cosmic form. Thus, inside an artistic and spacious Pandal in the City Institute Compound, Chaama-raaja-pete, Bengaluru, an incredible unfoldment of Gita chapters 10 and 11 took place. The yajna in Bengaluru was a colossal awakening, and the only yajna among the first 108 Jnana Yajnas where Pujya Gurudev revealed the priceless treasures of chapters 10 & 11 of the Gita.

An All-Encompassing Vision

By the thousands, crowds of about 4300 a day, poured in to be mesmerized  and transported by a path of universal Knowledge, Buddhi Yoga. Pujya Gurudev exquisitely described the divine glory (Vibhuti) and then carried the massive audience of all faiths and opinions to a crescendo when He manifested the Vishvaroopa, the Cosmic Form through His illuminating words. A revolutionary eye-opener that made a massive audience expand and dissolve in rapture, it was as though Pujya Gurudev had endowed each seeker with the Jnana Chakshu (the Eye of internalized Knowledge) to behold the Indescribable. The supreme sharing of Jnana, the unbelievable outpouring of Bhakti, and the single-pointed performance of Karma through the discourses, bhajans, city-wide Akhanda Keertana processions and Gita Havana – it was a rare confluence of transcendental vision that Pujya Gurudev gave to Bengaluru.

In Admiration 

Shri Ramamoorthy’s Reminiscences: It was not the oratory or the profound scholarship of Swamiji but the practical orientation which he gave to religion that captured the imagination of the mass of people. Swamiji thoroughly impressed upon the audience the practical application of religion which is the realization of an integrated personality – one in whom the body, mind, intellect and the spirit function in perfect unison and complete harmony.

Another devotee Shri M. L. Sodhi urges the need to include Vedanta as a part of school and university curriculum:
Neither during my early education nor while living overseas for technical training, I
had the opportunity to have any religious education. It is my great luck to have
attended this yagna by Gurudev! He is the right prophet for humanity “reared in an
age of unbridled science.” It would be amazing if education ministries make religious education a part of school and university curriculum under the able guidance of Gurudev to bring home this subject to the masses.

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“Think,” Says Pujya Gurudev 

“When a seeker comes to deserve Buddhi Yoga and practices it diligently, he comes to lift from himself all the veils of ignorance, which are nothing other than his own mental agitations caused by the cloudiness of his intellect. The self-effulgent Self is then compelled to reveal Itself in Its own Light. The lightning needs no other light to illumine it when it passes from one mass of cloud to the neighboring mountain of cloud.”

From Tyagi Magazine- March 15, 1957

That which is lying beyond the focal length of a telescope cannot be viewed by the observer even though the object may be present in a line with the axis of the instrument. In order to bring the farther object within the span of vision the observer will have to make the required adjustment in the telescope. Similarly, here I do not believe that Krishna transformed Himself into His Cosmic Form, but He only helped Arjuna to gain the necessary inward adjustment so that he may perceive what was already there evidently in Krishna. Naturally, the Lord says, “Behold”. The total world of perceivable things of all shapes and colors,  are indicated in the enumeration made by the Lord in the stanza.

From Tyagi Magazine- June 1, 1957

Alone to All Alone!

Uncover the secret to true loneliness, not in isolation, but in the midst of the bustling world. Discover how individuals, actively engaged in societal responsibilities, can maintain an inner sanctuary with the divine. Delve into the significance of turning one’s attention towards the higher power and the transformative impact of Buddhi Yoga on the discerning intellect.