Jnana Yajna 23

Year & Dates:

October 16, 1956 to November 02, 1956

Yajna Topic:



Kashmere Gate, Delhi, India.

Under a shaded Ashvattha tree in the historic atmosphere of Kashmere Gate in old Delhi, the yajna on Mundakopanishad commenced on the full moon evening of October 16, 1956. Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda had completed the inaugural two-hour discourse of Kenopanishad to the students of Delhi University earlier that evening. Without a minute wasted, He proceeded to the Kashmere Gate venue to begin His next Upanishad Jnana Yajna on Mundakopanishad. It was a unique experiment – conducting two Jnana Yajnas on two different Upanishads at two locations concurrently! The Delhi audience was ready to make the most of this dual blessing.

Tireless Teaching, Twice and More


In her welcome address, Srimathi Rani Bhan, the Secretary of the yajna, said, “Shri Swamiji is no individual personality but an emblem of India’s determination to awake. He is to all of us the symbol of the Hindu Revival. He is to us the voice of the rishis of yore.” Pujya Gurudev became the voice of Sage Angirasa  who answers an eminently successful householder, Sounaka’s    transcendental question about the Highest Knowledge. As Pujya Gurudev unraveled most systematically the contents of the most sublime Mundakopanishad, the audience were fascinated. His incredible clarity of expression made the sincere seekers attempt to bring the Ungraspable, Attributeless Eternal Self within intellectual focus. His eloquence and experience made all contemplate on lofty topics such as Creation, Consciousness, and Brahman. 

A most compassionate Teacher who spared no efforts to bring the subtlest Truth within the realm of sadhana, Pujya Gurudev worked tirelessly with selfless love. In the three successive yajnas held at Delhi, He also held morning classes  in Vivekachoodamani and Tattvabodha. To work 20 hours everyday exuding dynamism and love was Pujya Gurudev’s divine forte.

In Admiration 

Smt. Lakshmi Pande, whose faith faced challenges amidst life’s circumstances, narrates the profound influence of Gita Jnana Yajnas in her life, describing the transformative journey that extended to her entire family.
“The shaking faith in the justice and kindness of God was completely revived. I learnt to interpret everything in terms of a larger and wider scheme of things which nobody can interfere or meddle with, and which has its own meaning and purpose. The Gita Yajnas has a similarly surprising influence over my husband who has transformed from an extreme atheist into a deeply religious man of saner values of life.”

Even her seven-year-old son Amitabh would attentively listen to Pujya Gurudev, expressing how the Yajna impacted him.

“When I saw Swamiji and heard his lecture, I thought I will be just like him. When I did meditation, I felt clean and saw light around him. I was drawn towards him. I felt like giving up all things as cinemas, dramas, parties for his lectures.

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“Think,” Says Pujya Gurudev 

The Supreme Perfection in personality is reached only by a full-grown Jnaani. And hence the Shruti advises that those who are desirous of worldly gains and material successes should revere and respect, adore and worship, a Seer of Knowledge. With the blessings of a Jnaani nothing is impossible for us to achieve in this world or in any other. But it is also equally a fact that, if there be anything that a Jnaani knows not, it is only the art of blessing one to the exclusion of others. In fact, a master’s only life is to live the blessedness of the “One in All” and “the All in One,” ever blessing all, ever serving all, ever loving all! 

From Mundakopanishad Book

Unknot the Knots!

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