Jnana Yajna 35

Year & Dates:

December 01, 1957 to December 22, 1957

Yajna Topic:



Mumbai (Bombay), India.

Though the nearby city of Pune had the great honor of being the site for Pujya Gurudev’s first Jnana Yajna, Mumbai(then Bombay) had to wait for about six years. Only in December 1957, could Mumbai host its first Upanishad Jnana Yajna by Pujya Gurudev. The well-known Kishinchand College (K.C.College) in Mumbai offered its terrace as the happy venue. Drawing attention to how Vedanta had withstood onslaughts because of its adaptability and resilience, Pujya Gurudev was emphatic that Vedanta was for all. His systematic 5-day introductory discourses prepared the Mumbai audience for the subtle import of Kenopanishad. His hourly talks every morning on Atma Bodha in Vijay Mahal embellished the understanding of serious seekers. As had become His practice, Pujya Gurudev set aside time to address the young generation of college students who needed the crucial know-how to harmonize Science and Religion.

Mankind, Religion and Science

In a memorable talk at Poddar College on December 25, 1957, Pujya Gurudev presented a thought-provoking analogy. Comparing mankind to an old man, religion to a long-standing, faithful spouse, and science to a young, attractive maiden, Pujya Gurudev showcased the predicament of mankind. With science racing ahead and mankind abandoning the loyal support of religion, Pujya Gurudev pinpointed how mankind was lost in the middle. 

Every yajna of Pujya Gurudev was aimed at rejuvenating religion and helping mankind understand its value in the presence of advancing science. In Mumbai too, the special lectures at colleges, the Upanishad discourses, kirtans, meditation sessions, and the sacred Ganga prokshan (sprinkling) affirmed how the people of a busy city could tap into the blessings of religion.

The yatra to Alandi near Pune was a sacred experience. Aspirants could bask in the peace of Sant Jnaneshwar’s samadhi and complete the Avabhrta Snana in the Indriyani river. The satsang with Pujya Gurudev under a banyan tree transported all to the Vedic times. After that, when each seeker meditated for half an hour in seclusion, the significance of the scriptures came into focus. Pujya Gurudev aimed to empower mankind with a clear understanding of both religion and science.

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“Think,” Says Pujya Gurudev 

A child, trying to catch the head of its own shadow, moves forward and forward, but at each leap the goal too moves as far away from it as before; until at last it falls off the verandah onto the court-yard!! So too man seeking a permanent Joy among the impermanent things, falls off into his grave!!Alas!!

That deer which knows that the source of the Musk Secret is within itself, shall no more run about and die away in futile and meaningless exhaustion. The Man who has recognized the Truth that the source of All Joy is within himself will no more strive and struggle in the meaningless dust and fume, hustle and bustle, noise and nuisance of the broadways. To him life becomes a hilarious, melodramatic scene, and not a serious tearful tragedy of his own impotence and failures!

From Kenopanishad Book

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