Jnana Yajna 76

Year & Dates:

November 11, 1960 to December 02, 1960

Yajna Topic:

Shrimad Bhagavad Gita- Chapter 13


Mysore, India.

The Vedantic Renaissance was in full steam across India. After painstaking efforts through 75 Jnana Yajnas, the Jnana Yajna scheme had taken a firm footing. The format was standardized while the attendance and spiritual aspirations kept ascending. The rationale behind including well-known personalities to inaugurate the Jnana Yajnas was to inspire the influential to become value-based role models in society. Pujya Gurudev did not really need the patronage of the big names. It was they who needed to be involved in the ongoing spiritual regeneration of the intelligentsia as well as the ignorant.

In the 108-yajna pilgrimage from hereon, let us turn the pages of each yajna to recognize the pattern and then pause to reflect on the subtle and significant.. 

The Yajnashala: Dasara Pavilion, festively decorated, and its brightly-lit, surrounding garden The Inauguration: By His Highness Maharaja Jaya Chamaraja Wadiyar Bahadur, Governor of Mysore on the evening of November 11. 1960

Sustaining Vision, Transparent Field

From the Governor’s Inaugural Message: “Swami Chinmayanandaji is doing great service carrying the message of the Geeta to the very doors of those who are too busy in the work-a-day world even to take a glance at this great book of perennial wisdom…”

“Of the 18 chapters of the Gita, the third and final group of six chapters commences with the 13th chapter which is termed the Kshetra-Kshetrajna-Vibhaga Yoga.It contains the entire metaphysics of the Gita…The chapter commences by telling us that this body is the kshetra or the field of operation for the Indwelling Spirit or Kshetrajna.”

Honored Attendee: Sri. Mali Mariyappa, Minister for Co-operation, who expressed the wish that humanity must rise above the narrow view of a selfish,ego-driven life

From Pujya Gurudev’s Inaugural address: “This sociological development of man could only be done by an intelligent and critical study of the philosophy of Geeta. The great principles enunciated therein are to be looked into from this point of view, of building up a healthier society than as a mere religious narrative…man is not only a materialist by nature: but has a spiritual background also. It is the spiritual background of ages that has sustained us till today.”

The Audience: Over 10,000 thronged the yajnashala to admire the “ forceful personality of Pujya Gurudev coupled with the rare characteristic of scholarship, oratory, and approach to the subject studded with convincing illustrations and anecdotes of everyday occurrences in life.”

The Yatra: 500 pilgrims had the Avabhrta Snaana in the holy Kaveri near Shree Ranga-pattana. Chanting the Gita and singing keertanas, they trekked up the sacred Yadugiri hill at Melkote which overlooks the Kaveri valley for darshan at two shrines – the temples for Lord Cheluvanarayana and Lord Yoganarasimha.

The Conclusion:  Sri. B.D. Jatti, Chief Minister of Mysuru presided over the concluding ceremony on December 2nd at the Dasara Exhibition Building. Dr. M.L. Mariswamy, treasurer of the yajna committee, read the statement of receipts and expenditure; the yajna committee donated Re. 11,111 to support the upcoming Sandeepany Sadhanalaya.

For Reflection: Secular clarity is key for Spiritual upliftment – Pujya Gurudev ensured that the financial background of every Jnana Yajna is kept transparent to the public through the statement of accounts submitted to Usha monthly.

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“Think,” Says Pujya Gurudev 

Dwelling in the heart of all: If thus there is an Infinite Light of knowledge to be known-without which life is impossible; in the presence of which alone can all experience come to have a meaning and an existence then this Infinite Goal is certainly to be acquired and processed. When am I to seek? What pilgrimage must I take?  Am I capable of making an expedition? Probably I am not in possession of it today as it must be something to be experienced yonder, in some unknown and impossible time and place. To negate all such misconceptions, the staggering truth has been vividly declared here, that this Infinite dwells in the hearts of all. Philosophically heart means that area in the mental zone from where the noble and pious thoughts spring forth. In an atmosphere of goodness when the intellect steadily contemplates upon that “Light” that lies beyond darkness the Absolute non-dual Self that exists, transcending all but at once immanent in its subtle all-pervading nature. It can be contacted and realized and, therefore, heart is considered as the dwelling place of the Self.

The Consciousness functioning in the seekers mind and intellect, If lived and experienced by Itself that must give the experience of the Infinite, just as by knowing the composition of a minute particle of salt, the entire world of Sodium Chloride is understood.

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