Leela Nambiar interviewed by Swamini Kaivalyananda

Swamini Kaivalyananda: After sanyas Gurudev’s mother…. I mean, Kochu Amma came and stayed with you?

Nambiar Amma: Stayed with me for one month. She had some skin trouble, for treatment, doctor (incomprehensible words) and another doctor was taking care.

Swamini Kaivalyananda: Gurudev talks about, so high about Kochu Amma.

Nambiar Amma: Because his mother passed away when Gurudev was four years old, then this elder sister, mother’s sister took all the care of these children. So much love like her own children, no difference.

Swamini Kaivalyananda: I heard she’s a lady of few words.

Nambiar Amma: Gurudev had great love and respect for her.

Swamini Kaivalyananda: Like in fact, like Indira Amma, Indira Vasudevan, she talked quite a lot about Kochu Narayani Amma like you know, how a lady of few words and how much hospitable she was, all those things you know, she told.

Nambiar Amma: When she with me, her sister used to be with me.

Swamini Kaivalyananda: That strict aunt!

Nambiar Amma: Yes, strict aunt.

Swamini Kaivalyananda: Really, that strict amma?

Nambiar Amma: (incomprehensible words) but very pleasant yes.