Gurudev’s nephew, Kanakam’s eldest son, Mr. Raveendran shares his memories of Gurudev and Kanakam.

Transcript of the interview

Raveendran: One greatest thing which I found is, when I took her in 1977 or so to Powaii, before she starts entering she started wiping her ears – eyes and nose. As soon as Swamiji met her, saw her, he started teasing her “Why Kanakam? Why you are not crying this time?” And before he could complete the sentence she was crying. At that time I used to wonder why it was so? One day I asked mother, what is the…? And she said to me, “during our younger days it was he who used to control her, give instructions while going to school or coming back, you have to come in time and should not move around like that anywhere without accompany – he will accompany her”

Raveendran: Now, my mother is so emotional and sensitive and he wants her to be more courageous. I don’t know whether it is successful or not when we were – I was always in tension during 92-93 time the news has come…
[in tears..]

Swamini Kaivalyananda: So, you were saying that when the news came that Swamiji was no more….?

Ravindran: Yeah, she was so much upset I myself ran to console her… and she did not even get up for 24 hours from her bed. That is my only memory of this brother-sister relationship.