Vijayalakshmi Amma shares her memories of her step brother

Transcript of the interview

Vijaylaxmi Amma: He was very affectionate and how can I say… very much attached to the family also. Each and every one of us was very special to him, no difference between his sisters and us. For him, everyone was same. And when we are sick he will take me… I remember him taking me on bicycle to the eye doctor.

Swamini Kaivalyananda: Eye doctor?

Vijaylaxmi Amma: I had some… even then I had some difficulty with my sight and all that. He used to put me on the bicycle and take me to the doctor.

Swamini Kaivalyananda: Those days?

Vijaylaxmi Amma: Those days… I was small. And when we got this chicken-pox, all of us were ill – my father, my sister, my mother… Only Swamiji and father were out of it, so he used to sit on our bed and do everything for us. And my mother will say, “Balan you go away, you will contract it”. “No no Jarima, nothing will happen to me”, he will go on saying, and he will do everything for us. He used to look after us so nicely.