By Swami Tapovanam

This message dated 26th October 1953 was sent by Swami Tapovan Maharaj to our Pujya Gurudev, Swami Chinmayananda, on the occasion of his jnana yajna on Mandukya Upanishad which was held in Delhi from September 12 to December 10, 1953 at Karol Bagh in Delhi. Swamiji mentions the Delhi audience at the end of the message. 

This message in print form is included in the beginning of the Mandukya Upanishad book published by Central Chinmaya Mission Trust. Our thanks to Smt. Leela Nambiar for giving us permission to reproduce this content here.

Swami Tapovan Maharaj

(Here below we reproduce a divine message of blessings and encouragement received at the time of the Gyana-Yagna in the year 1953 from H. H. Sree Swami Tapovanamji Maharaj of Uttarakasi (Himalayas), at whose feet Swami Chinmaya learnt the scriptures-Ed.)

Brahman is the only reality. Nothing else is real. All the Universe, consisting of this ever-shining sun, moon and stars, is a dream – a long, long dream. How can this everlasting Universe perceived in the waking state be a dream? In the great Mandukya Karika the illustrious Seer and Acharya Shri Gaudapada tries to answer this question. The Karika explains clearly and proves with various inferences and logic that this Universe is nothing but a dream.

Let this Universe be a dream or a reality. Of what use is it to us to think over it and waste our time? By thinking over this problem, we can certainly come to the conclusion that this world and worldly objects are all momentary and not real, and such momentary worldly objects cannot give us Eternal Bliss. Eternal Bliss is Brahman, and not this dream-like momentary Universe.

Then we should try to realise that Eternal, Blissful Brahman, and to be established in that imperishable and undecaying Bliss. Gaudapada takes us to that Eternal Bliss, Eternal Brahman, by the most direct short-cut –as an arrow flies–and not by the serpentine, twisting path. That is the greatness and peculiarity of this wonderful work, Karika.

The English-educated people of our Capital city are very fortunate to have the opportunity of hearing the discourses on this Karika from the lips of Swami Chinmayananda, a modern Sanyasi of modern education. I believe that he will explain to you the subject of the text in the modern and scientific way and not in the orthodox way as the old Sanskrit Pundits do.

Perhaps, by attending the lectures, you will understand intellectually the non-creation theory. You may feel intellectually convinced that the Thuriya-Brahman alone is Real and that the world of the other three states is not really created and hence it is a long, long dream. But to realise the Reality as “I am Thuriya-Brahman” and to experience It, and to get established in It, is quite far far away, from a mere academic understanding of the Vedanta.

Therefore don’t neglect God. By God’s Grace alone can His Real Nature, the Thuriya state be realised. Practise the love and devotion to God. Chant His name. Praise His glory and always meditate upon His greatness. Do all the works as a worship unto Him. In course of time, by such practice, after acquiring the purity and concentration of this impure and wavering mind, you will be able to see face to face and realise the Eternal, Blissful, Thuriya-Brahman. Perhaps it is with this idea in mind that along with the preaching of the non-creation theory, the Akhanda Kirtan of the personal God is also being conducted as an important item in the Yagna Sala (Yagna grounds).

Anyhow I hope that the Delhi people will be highly benefited by this Gyana Yagna ceremony, now conducted by Shri. Swami Chinmayanandaji. May God bless you all for the successful termination of the Gyana Yagna and also for the successful practice of the Knowledge which you attain from it.

With love and best wishes,
Swami Tapovanam

26th October 1953.

Om Shantih Shantih Shantih

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