Kochu Narayani Amma
Kochu Narayani Amma raised Balan as her own son, following the demise of his mother Parukutty Amma when he was just 5 years old. This is a studio picture of her taken in Eranakulam in 1951/52

Kochu Narayani Amma

After the death of Parukutti Amma, Kochu Narayani Amma took on the entire responsibility of bringing up the young Balan. Swami Chinmayananda always referred to her as his mother.

Pujya Gurudev invited her to attend his jnana yajnas and made all arrangements for her to stay with close devotees like
Leela Nambiar Amma and Padmini Balachandran of Chennai. He gave his mother spiritual advice and intensified her sadhana with appropriate guidelines.

In the later years, when she had developed cataract, Pujya Gurudev arranged for her cataract surgery in Coimbatore and served her personally.