Parukutty Amma
Parukutty Amma was Balakrishna Menon's mother.

Parukutty Amma

Parukutty Amma gave birth to Balakrishna Menon on May 8, 1916. She was one of eight sisters and two brothers in Poothampalli House. Not much is known about her as a person, except that she was very gentle and highly spiritual, as was the rest of the family in Poothampalli House.

She would visit Ernakulathappan Siva Temple nearby almost every day, as did her other sisters. The entire family, including the children, gathered together for the evening prayers regularly in the puja room, where Vishnu Sahasranama was chanted. Later on, whenever Gurudev had a yajna in Ernakulam or nearby places, he would make it a point to visit the Ernakulathappan Temple. It is very significant that the Chinmaya Birth Centenary Celebrations were launched from the grounds of this temple in 2015.

Sadhu-Mahatmas visited Poothampalli House frequently. Among these were Sri Chattambi Swamigal and Yogiraj Bhairavananda Swamigal, who were the Kulagurus of the house. Pujya Gurudev narrates his earliest memories of Chattambi Swamigal and the special fragrance and feel of the Swami’s beard.

Parukutty Amma had two more children, both daughters, named Padmini and Kanakam. She took one look at her new-born child Kanakam and breathed her last because of the complications of child-birth. At that time Balakrishnan was barely five years old.