Vivekodayam Boys’ High School

Balakrishnan studied in the Vivekodayam Boys’ High School, Thrissur. He had the highest respect for the Headmaster. When a new wing of the school was made, the building was dedicated to Gurudev and named Chinmaya Block. Pujya Gurudev laid the foundation stone of the building on November 24, 1975.

During one of his visits to the school, Gurudev met his own teacher, who had imparted basic education to him, and immediately prostrated to him and touched his feet. This shows his innate humility, deep respect for teachers and the great value he attached to education.

Gurudev conducted a jnana yajna in Thrissur in 1974 and took the opportunity to pay a visit to his old school and wrote in the Visitors’ Book. The school brought out a souvenir to mark its Diamond Jubilee Celebrations in 1977 and Pujya Gurudev gave a message.