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1. As a child when as he was listening to a hyperbolic description of the wealth and splendour of Ravana, he suddenly burst out in disdain and said in a scornful tone “What! Was Ravana daily filling his stomach with gold and precious stones? Or was he eating rice like everyone of us? If rice was his food, of what use were all those hoarded stones and gold to him?”
2. These were the childhood names of those who grew up to be great Mahatmas: 1. Ayyappan 2. Chipukutty 3. Balan 4. Kuppuswamy Who were they?
3. At the Divine Life Society, there is one chant that has been going on, to date, unbroken since it was started on December 3, 1943 by Swami Sivananda. What chant is this?
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