Advice for Children

Gurudev made it a point to appreciate and encourage children. Sometimes a line of advice from the Swami could have a great impact on a child.

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Children loved Gurudev and Gurudev loved children. He made each child feel very special. He treated them as individuals and talked to them at their level.

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New Home

A Home can be a heaven, says Gurudev and it is for us to make it so. It becomes a Temple when we discipline ourselves to grow in our inner purity and balance.

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Work Life Balance

Often we are faced with decisions around balancing work with home and life in general. Through these letters Gurudev guides us on how to achieve the right balance.

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From Gurudev’s Pen

Swami Chinmayananda brought joy wherever he went. So did his letters. He was a prolific writer, known to write hundreds of letters in a week. The Chinmaya Archives is fortunate to…

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The challenges of being a good parent were very well known to Gurudev. When asked for advice he tailored it to the situation and needs of the concerned person.

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The strength of matrimonial togetherness in handling the challenges in life is appreciated and highlighted by Pujya Gurudev.

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Reliving The First Jnana Yagna – Part 2

The story of how Pujya Gurudev successfully conducted the first Jnana Yajna, a 100-day event that transformed the lives of the attendees.

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Let Us Be Hindus

Swami Chinmayananda on 23rd December 1951 delivered a talk in Pune, just days before the launch of the 1st Jnana Yagna. This talk was titled Let us be Hindus.

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