Letter Index

An index of all letters in this module, across topics, with the ability to filter by topic. Simply click on a thumbnail to view the actual page containing the letters. A full…

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Sketches for Children

Pujya Gurudev could see the world through the eyes of a child, full of innocent wonder and the joy of discovery. In many of his letters to children he would hand-draw a sketch, a…

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Friend and Mentor for Youth

Swami Chinmayananda had a special affinity with the youth. He said that the future of our country lies in their hands. He had a way of connecting with them directly.

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A Child among Children

Children loved Gurudev and Gurudev loved children. He made each child feel very special. He treated them as individuals and talked to them at their level, while sharing the…

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Youth Life Skills

This collection of letters from Pujya Gurudev offer advice to youngsters on a broad range of topics from life's goals to stage fright to what success means. They were drawn to him…

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Youth Education

Here we present a collection of letters from Pujya Gurudev to youth, especially teenagers concerned about their academic performance. Many of these youngsters grew up to be highly…

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Guidance for Householders

In his extensive travels Pujya Gurudev stayed with many householders. This gave him the opportunity to keenly observe people in their home settings. His keen eye would not miss a…

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Advice for Balavihar

Pujya Gurudev encouraged people to start Balavihars so that children would imbibe the Indian culture and values. He gave them clear guidelines about how to handle the children.

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Love for Children

Pujya Gurudev shared the spontaneous and uninhibited joy of children, responding to them in the same way with a dance of joy. Writing at a level that the child can understand.

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