Reliving The First Jnana Yagna – Part 2

The story of how Pujya Gurudev successfully conducted the first Jnana Yajna, a 100-day event that transformed the lives of the attendees.

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Let Us Be Hindus

Swami Chinmayananda on 23rd December 1951 delivered a talk in Pune, just days before the launch of the 1st Jnana Yagna. This talk was titled Let us be Hindus.

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Reliving The First Jnana Yagna – Part 1

It was December 1951. A young Swami Chinmayananda was ready to launch the first Jnana Yagna, the forerunner of many more to come.

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Story Behind The First Jnana Yajna

The fascinating effort of a young Swami Chinmayananda, to launch the Jnana Yajna program, with the help of a young Madrasi boy from Pune.

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Love For Mother

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Love For Mother

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